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Manuka Doctor
Apinourish Rejuvenating Face Mask

Item # 1564046 Size 1.69 oz
What it is:
A deep penetrating skin rejuvenator featuring powerful natural ingredients purified bee venom and manuka honey.

What it is formulated to do:
This face mask nourishes and restores skin's softness and replenishes skin's moisture barrier, leaving skin feeling firmer, youthful-looking, and rejuvenated. The deep penetrating skin rejuvenator harnesses the power of the highest performing ingredients from the hive—purified bee venom, manuka honey, and royal jelly—with key age-defying ingredients rosehip and blackcurrant oils and nourishing shea and cocoa butter.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This product is recommended for consumers looking to reverse the signs of aged or damaged skin (typically females from 25 to 65). No bees are harmed in the collection of the natural ingredients. Manuka Doctor has developed a purified form of bee venom which is designed to deliver efficacy and performance. It is the result of over ten years of scientific research culminating in the development of a unique purification process that removes any unwanted particles after the bee venom has been collected from the hive, guaranteeing the purity and potency of each formulation. The venom is extracted using a safe process that ensures that the bee's lifespan, well-being and performance are not affected.

Research results:
- Purified Bee Venom was proven to prevent sun damage and accelerate the recovery of damaged skin cells
Han et al., 2007 Inhibitory effects of bee venom against ultraviolet B induced MMP-1 and MMP-3 in human dermal fibroblasts. J, of Apicultural Bee Research 46(2):94-98
Suggested Usage:
-After cleansing apply over entire face and neck slowly massaging into the skin. The cream will absorb into the face.
-After 20 to 30 minutes you may wish to wipe the face with a warm cloth or alternatively let the mask cream stay on the face.

-Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as eyes and lips.
-You may wish to do a patch test on your skin prior to use to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction.
-Do not use if you have an allergy to bee stings or any of the other listed ingredients.

1.69 oz

-Purified Bee Venom: Contain natural antibiotic, anti-redness, antibacterial, and skin rejuvenation properties.
-Manuka Honey from New Zealand: Contain antibacterial and anti-redness properties.
-Propolis Extract: Contains antibiotic, antibacterial, anti-redness, and antiviral properties.
-Royal Jelly: Rich in vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids.

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