CONTOURING MAGIC | The art of using shadow and highlight to sculpt, refine, and slim your face.

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Contouring Basics

To easily identify your face
shape, smile—it accentuates
natural bone structure.

Contouring for Each Face Shape

About 1 ½ times longer than wide.
Balanced and symmetrical overall.

HOW TO: Oval Face. Watch Now >

Lift lips with a touch of
hightlight at the outer corners.
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Length and width are equal.
Shorter forehead and chin. Rounded jawline.

HOW TO: Round Face. Watch Now >

Define cheekbones on a round face
by blending upward in a scooping motion.
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Widest at the forehead.
Narrower, pointed chin.

HOW TO: Heart Face. Watch Now >

Narrow the forehead on a heart-shaped
face by contouring from the temples
downward. Learn more on The Glossy

Sharp jawline. Length, width, and
jawline are equal. Shorter forehead.

HOW TO: Square Face. Watch Now >

Elongate a square face with
V-shaped hightlights under the eyes.
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Contouring for Deep Skin Tones
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Powders look most natural
when they're applied
from the outer corners
of the face inward.


To blend creams and
build coverage easily,
use a beautyblender
instead of a brush.


Sticks do more than broad
strokes-they stipple,
make dashes, or place
precise dots of color.

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Tricks of the Shade