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Buying Guide: Sun Safety

Our #1 Antiaging Secret

Our SPF formulas are packed with powerful ingredients to protect and deliver essential
skin care benefits. Learn how to wear these breakthrough formats and luxe textures every day.

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Fun Facts
What's in a number?

The sun is believed
to cause roughly 90%
of the signs of aging.


Of this percentage, only
30% wear it regularly.


Sunscreen should be
re-applied every two hours,
or as directed on the label.


SPF is considered the #1
antiaging skin care product.


Most people only apply
25 to 50% the recommended
amount of sunscreen.


According to the American Academy
of Dermatology, only 15%
of Americans wear sunscreen.


Apply sunscreen every day,
even when the sun is hidden
behind clouds.

The Glossary
Skin care terms defined


Both are types of rays from sunlight that reach
the earth. Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B are both
responsible for skin damage from sun exposure.
UVA is known to penetrate deep into the skin
and cause damage in the long term, like wrinkles
and skin cancer. UVB reaches the top layer of
the epidermis and can lead to sunburns, tanning,
skin cancer, and cataracts.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are some of the biggest culprits
of environmental aging, reducing the integrity
of collagen and elastin in the skin, as well as
decreasing the skin's natural rejuvenating abilities.
Antioxidants protect against free-radical activity
to promote skin's defenses.


SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, the
numeric value stating the level of effectiveness
provided by a sunscreen in preventing sunburn
and other conditions caused by exposure to the
sun. While SPF specifies level of protection from
UVB rays, the new required testing and labels 
for Broad Spectrum sunscreen ensures that UVA
protection also increases in tandem with higher
SPF values. However, even high SPF products
must be applied and re-applied according to the
label directions in order to achieve and maintain
proper sun safety.


A term used to reference natural pigments found
in skin, hair, and areas of the eye. Helps protect
skin from UVB damage.

Tips and Tricks
Perfect your application

Dry skin? Try a sunscreen
that is cream-based.


Sunscreen should always
be the last step in your
morning routine. Short on
time? Look for makeup
with sunscreen benefits.


Don’t forget your scalp!
Gel-based formulas and
sprays are easy to use
in this area.


Good rule of thumb:
Replace your sunscreen
when you do spring cleaning.
Like most products,
it has an expiration date.


Apply lip sunscreen prior
to color. This helps lock in
moisture while providing
extra protection.


Apply sunscreen every day,
even when the sun is hidden
behind clouds.

Post-Sun Nourishment
Soothe, calm, and nurture skin

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