First comes love, then comes makeup | A curated collection for your big day


  • Opt for individual false lashes on your big day. They look natural in person and photograph beautifully.
  • Try a fiber mascara to decrease your chances of smudging. In addition, these formulas are super gentle to remove.
  • Enhance your natural eye shape with a matte shadow. To highlight your browbone and inner corners of eyes, use a satin shadow.
  • To make sure your makeup will last all night, apply a setting spray between every step of your look (after primer, foundation, blush, and bronzer).
  • Go for a blush in a natural-flush tone. These translate beautifully on camera.
  • Amp up your wedding day glow by adding a subtle sheen to your body as well.
  • If you’re looking for a lip product that will give you the freedom to drink, eat, and kiss without needing to reapply—try a lip stain.
  • If black feels too harsh for you, opt for an eyeliner in a deep chocolate hue for a softer eye look.
  • To help give teeth a whiter and brighter appearance, choose a lipstick with blue undertones.
  • Choose a foundation with a low-level SPF formula—it will help avoid a white cast effect from flash photography.
  • When choosing a warm shadow or bronzer, keep in mind that the tones will appear even warmer due to the brightness of a white dress.
  • Avoid red nail polish with cool undertones if you have a fair-to-medium skin tone—it can bring out the blue in your hands.
  • A general rule of thumb is to choose a feature and focus on it—if you have a heavier eye, go for a more natural lip look and vice versa.



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