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Classic Crease Shadow Brush #73

Item # 1504398
What it is:
A slender, long-tipped brush for applying dark powder eye shadows in the crease of the eyelid.

What it does:
Create a wide-eyed effect with this brush featuring a fine point and dome shape, which provide precision when applying eye shadows in the eye crease. It’s perfectly shaped to give depth to eyes and holds a large quantity of product for intense and rapid application. Use this tool for fading out a dark eye shadow that is already applied towards the browbone or blend for a halo effect on the lower eyelid.

What else you need to know:
This brush features natural pony and goat bristles, an aluminum ferrule, and wooden handle.

Suggested Usage:
-Fill the brush with some medium to dark-colored eye shadow.
-Tap gently to remove any excess powder.
-Hold the brush upright and use only the tip; start at the inner crease of the eyelid and with a back-and-forth movement blend the color perfectly according to the desired intensity.

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