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Classic Must Have Angled Blush Brush #50

Item # 1504364
What it is:
An angled brush for applying blushes and sun powders.

What it does:
Thanks to its angled shape, this brush is ideal for highlighting and contouring the hollows of the cheeks and cheekbones.

What else you need to know:
This brush features natural bristles, an aluminum ferrule, and wooden handle.

Suggested Usage:
Tips and Tricks:
-On a round face, blush should not be applied too close to the center of the face.
-Apply it to the hollows of the cheeks and remain in the outer areas.
-On a dull complexion with dark circles, avoid centering the blush; apply to the hollows of the cheeks.

-Fill the brush with blush or sun powder.
-Hold the brush with the longest bristles turned towards the outer part of the face. (The parts of the face to refine are the hollows of the cheeks, the upper temples and the jaw.)
-Start from the upper outer jawbone and follow the jawline inwards.
-Next, diffuse color on the upper temples with a back-and-forth motion.
-Finish the application along the jawline.

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