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Classic Must Have Angled Liner Brush #90

Item # 1504406
What it is:
A flat angled brush for applying a liquid eyeliner or a slightly moistened eye shadow.

What it does:
Ideal for a doe-eyed makeup effect, this brush has a flat angled cut that follows the shape of the eye and enables drawing a precise line. Use this versatile brush for creating any desired line thickness simply by adjusting the pressure applied to the brush.

What else you need to know:
This brush features synthetic takelon bristles, an aluminum ferrule, and wooden handle.

Suggested Usage:
-To apply a liquid eyeliner: fill the brush with eyeliner.
-To apply a moistened eye shadow: moisten the brush.
-Infuse the bristles with the powdered eye shadow of choice.
-Position the brush at the internal corner of the eye against the upper eyelashes.
-Draw the line along the eyelashes.

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