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Classic Precision Powder Shadow Brush #61

Item # 1504430
What it is:
A thin-headed brush for precise application of powder eye shadows.

What it does:
The flat tuft of this precision brush makes it ideal for applying medium to dark eye shadows and for shading them.

What else you need to know:
This brush features a combination of natural (pony) and synthetic bristles, an aluminum ferrule, and wooden handle.

Suggested Usage:
-For a wide-eyed effect: apply an illuminating powder on the browbone.
-For more intensity: moisten the eye shadow before applying.
-To create the ideal shade of eye shadow: use two colors together. Mix them on the back of your hand before applying on the eyelid.
-Choose a light and a medium-colored eye shadow.
-Apply the light-colored eye shadow on the entire eyelid starting from the inner corner of the eye.
-Apply the medium-colored eye shadow along the base of the upper lashes, starting from the inner corner.
-Blend with the light-colored eye shadow by brushing slightly upward on the upper eyelid.

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