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Discover the top perfumes from our favorite niche brands.

Why It’s Unique

Since TOCCA’s launch in 1994, the fashion and beauty brand has come to represent chic European style and old-world romanticism. Scents are infused with the unexpected and reference femininity, far-off destinations, and bygone times.

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Nest Fragrances

Why It’s Unique

Artful packaging meets exquisite scents. Made to enhance everyday living, NEST Fragrances deliver the essence of luxury, sophistication, and beauty through exotic notes and botanical-inspired designs.

Maison Martin Margiela

Why It’s Unique

In 1994, Maison Martin Margiela debuted ‘REPLICA,’ a collection of reissued designs from seasons past. A fragrance line was then launched to expand upon this concept, where scents capture moments, periods, and locations essential to memories.

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Atelier Cologne

Why It’s Unique

Discover colognes with character. Inspired by the original eau de cologne recipe from 1709, Atelier Cologne blends unexpected and rare extracts with fresh ingredients. The distinct, long-lasting scents capture treasured emotions and powerful memories.

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TokyoMilk Dark

Why It’s Unique

Founded by internationally renowned perfumer and designer Margot Elena, TokyoMilk offers a unique sensory experience that brings together elegant designs with edgy essences. Each scent is handcrafted in an evocative bottle, itself a piece of art.

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Why It’s Unique

Fresh, pure, and effortless. Since its first fragrance in 2003 (inspired by a bar of soap), Clean has introduced scents that capture daily rituals and favorite moments—from fresh laundry to pure rain.

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L’Artisan Parfumeur

Why It’s Unique

Founded in 1976 by perfumer-chemist Jean Laporte, L’Artisan Parfumeur is known as the first niche fragrance house. Its avant-garde approach to ingredients, high-quality formulas, and artisanal craftsmanship celebrate classic fragrances while remaining truly unique.

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I Love New York by Bond No. 9

Why It’s Unique

Experience NEW YORK in a bottle. Each of the I LOVE NEW YORK by Bond No. 9 scents conveys an informal, easy-to-wear chic, allowing this collection of unisex fragrances to be worn throughout the day and into the night. If you dream of New York, I LOVE NEW YORK by Bond No. 9 will take you there.

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