Credit Cards

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express®, Discover Card, and the JCPenney Card.

When your credit card is authorized, funds are put on hold until the transaction is completed. When the order is shipped, the payment is processed.

Your billing information must be exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.If any numbers are different, the order cannot be processed. Be sure to correctly spell city names and avoid using abbreviations unless that is how your information appears on your statement.

Contact your financial institution if you need the exact billing address associated with your credit card.

For your security, Sephora requires you to enter your 3- or 4-digit card identification number (CID/CVN/CVV/CVC) on orders over $100 for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover transactions. See below for help with credit card identification numbers.

Visa/MC/Discover Card Customers:

Your Security Code/CID (Card Identification Number) is in the signature area on the back of the card (it is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card account number). Visa/MC/Discover customer CIDS are 3 digits.

Back of Visa/MC/Discover Card

American Express Customers:

Your Security Code/CID (Card Identification Number) is a 4-digit number on the front of the card, ABOVE the embossed (raised) credit card account number. This number is referred to as the "Security Code." American Express customer CIDs are 4 digits.

Front of American Express Card

Debit Cards

The amount of your order is held on your debit card and the debit card owner does not have access to these funds until the hold is taken off. Holds usually last 3 - 5 business days and may vary with your financial institution.

Holds are usually taken off within 3 - 5 business days. Policies differ from bank to bank. Call your financial institution for more details.

Online Store Credit

Online store credits are automatically applied to your order as the first method of payment. There are no codes to remember or numbers to type. Online store credit is not redeemable or exchangeable for cash and cannot be used at our retail stores.

Online store credits can be issued to gift recipients in lieu of a credit or product return.

Store Credit Cards

Store Credit Cards are not valid for use on They are redeemable for merchandise only, by the original recipient at Sephora Stores.

Gift Cards & eGift Certificates

You can also pay for your order with an eGift Certificate or a Gift Card. You can use up to three eGift Certificates and/or three Gift Cards for each order by contacting Customer Service at our toll free number. You may also use Sephora Gift Cards in our retail stores.

Checks & Money Orders does not accept personal checks or money orders as a form of payment for online orders.

Fraud Protection Program

All payment forms are subject to verification and review by Sephora. Sephora reserves the right to refuse to process any transaction, sale, or shipment of orders due to suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity. To find out more about our fraud protection program, please see our Terms of Use.
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