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TokyoMilk Dark
Destiny No. 79 Body Souffle

Item # 1484922 Size 6 oz
The inescapable pull of fate and her quiet presence ever beckoning—this fragrance captures the nature of destiny and its ongoing commitment to deftly weaving a tangle of courses. Intoxicating midnight jasmine and honeysuckle envelop crisp, fresh-cut ginger and davana in an air of sweet expectation. Glide the scent across your pulse points and envelop your senses in the lush aroma.

Melding fresh floral and botanical notes with premiere aromatic essences from land, sea, and sky, the TokyoMilk Dark Fate & Fortune Collection is a set of distinctive fragrances designed in Pairs to act as foils to one another. Dare to tempt Fate & Fortune and there is no telling where it might take you. Each rollerball in the collection comes in a sleek glass vial, enclosed with an elegant cork.

Midnight Jasmine, Fresh-Cut Ginger, Honeysuckle, Rose, Davana.
Mysterious. Bewildering. Admirable.

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