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Dryer & DevaFuser

Item # 1512904
What it is:
A dryer and diffuser created specifically for curly and wavy hair.

What it does:
The DevaCurl Dryer guarantees softer, shinier, frizz-free curls, while the innovative hand-shaped DevaFuser delivers 360-degree airflow to gently dry curls. Ultralightweight for easy handling and styling, the ergonomic design directs air to targeted curls. The cold-shot button locks curls into place. Custom style your curls with dual temperature and speed settings.

Suggested Usage:
-Slightly tilt the DevaFuser for 360-degree airflow.
-Hold approximately two minutes in each position to evaporate moisture and begin setting the curl.
-To dry mid-section of the hair, position the DevaFuser within the bulk of the hair to allow simultaneous drying from the inside and out.

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