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Eau de Parfum Coffret

Item # 1558188

What it is:
A NEST Fine Fragrance Collection that consists of five distinct blends.

What it does:
Feel radiant with Amazon Lily, romantic with Dahlia & Vines, sultry with Midnight Fleur, elegant with Passiflora, and irresistible with White Sandalwood. Each dab-on fragrance is housed in an attractive mini-glass bottle adorned with original botanical artwork. Packaged in a luxurious gift box, the Eau de Parfum Collection makes for a lovely gift and it is an ideal way for you to experience each fine fragrance before graduating to a larger bottle. Meticulously formulated by the world’s most accomplished master perfumers, NEST Fine Fragrances is an extraordinary collection of signature scents.

This set contains:
- 0.25 oz Midnight Fleur
- 0.25 oz Amazon Lily
- 0.25 oz Passiflora
- 0.25 oz White Sandalwood
- 0.25 oz Dahlia & Vines

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NEST  - Eau de Parfum Coffret

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