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Featherweight Journey, Travel Dryer

Item # 1284694
What it is:
A folding travel dryer with the amazing power of Tourmaline and SoftAire™ technology for fabulous hair anytime, anywhere.

What it does:
This travel dryer features top-of-the-line technology for hair combining genuine Tourmaline-infused components with SoftAire™ for superior performance. Compact enough to slip inside your purse, the lightweight body with folding handle, world voltage, and matching tote make it ideal for travel.

This set contains:
- Featherweight Journey, Travel Dryer
- Tourmaline concentrator nozzle

What else you need to know:
T3® Featherweight Journey travel dryer has a 9-feet/3-meter professional length cord and two speed/heat settings. T3® SoftAire™ Airflow Technology allows for remarkably faster drying. This product has a two-year warranty.
Suggested Usage:
-Take a three- to four-inch section of hair about two-thirds of the way down and aim the T3® Featherweight Journey downward over each section until it is 80%-90% dry.
-Hold each section completely taut while drying.
-Using a barrel brush, brush through each section part of the way down and hold it there very taut.
-Aim the T3® Featherweight Journey downward and follow the brush as it pulls all the way through.
-To smooth the ends, slip the brush underneath a section and then blow over the curve.

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