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Flirt-It Lash Duo

Item # 699975
Add a little flirt to your wink naturally with these finely graduated, strip lashes that softly enhance your natural lash line, without looking overdone. Use the half strips for day to give a cat-like lift to the outer corners of the eyes, and the full-length strips for evening for a fabulously-flirty flutter.

Set includes one half strip and one full strip of lashes, plus a tube of lash adhesive.

To use: Remove one strip of lashes (either half or full) from the case at a time. Pierce the top of the adhesive tube with a small pin and apply a fine, oblong bead of glue along the entire length of the lash strip. Allow adhesive to set for 30-60 seconds until tacky, then apply the lash strip to the base of your natural lashes in the center first (to be sure it's centered properly), working from the center outward to the outer corners. Apply mascara if desired.

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