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Hair Shears

Item # 1491091
What it is:
A set of sharp, stainless steel shears for trimming bangs and hair.

What it does:
Keep your strands in chic shape between salon visits with these smooth-cutting shears. The large finger loops ensure a comfortable, secure grip and the steel blades are both durable and easy to clean.
Suggested Usage:
-Keeping your hair dry (cutting bangs wet runs the risk of trimming them too short), divide your bangs into three sections: left, middle, and right.
-Take one section at a time and twist it in front of your face.
-Start with about an eighth of an inch. Remember you can always cut more, so don’t be overzealous.
-If your bangs are still too long, re-twist the hair and cut as needed.
-Clean after use by wiping away any excess moisture and hair fragments.
-Lubricate the set screw joint after a few uses by working oil into the joint, opening and closing the shear several times. Wipe away any excess oil.
-Avoid dropping the shear.

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