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Pro Visionary Lash Fan Brush #220

Item # 1489657
What it is:
A brush designed to add color to the inner eye area and along the tear duct for sultry, multidimensional effects.

What it does:
The synthetic bristles of this unique fan brush are specifically designed with an angled head to emphasize luscious lashes. Dip the brush into cream liner, place the brush at the base of the lashes, and then gently wiggle it into the lashes for a tight line effect. You can also use this brush to groom and separate lashes.

What else you need to know:
This fan brush is one of seven brushes from the Pro Visionary Brush Collection, designed by French designer Philippe Di Mé. Mixing contemporary design with everyday functionality, Philippe Di Mé cleverly reinvented the makeup brush by calculating a superior balance between the proportion of the ferrule and the handle, ensuring consistently flawless application.

Suggested Usage:
-When using liquid or cream based products make sure to lightly apply top tip of brush and soften to prevent product clumping.
-Gently glide product to inner eye area both on the top and bottom.
-Continue to add product as desired. To set, use brush tip to apply small amount of shadow in the same color and liner and press over top.
-Can also be used to smudge and soften pencil liner to upper and lower lash lines.

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