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Item # 1599828 Size 10 Packettes


What it is:
Medicated hyperhidrosis-control wipes in handy single packettes that create a blissfully dry existence.

What it does:
Med-e-tate your way to a blissfully dry existence with a technique so simple, it simply requires the stroke of a towelette. With a patent-pending formulation that contains the most recent antiperspirant therapy—which includes a blend of agents that mimic the effects of Botox Cosmetic when applied topically—this product alleviates the need for cumbersome anti-sweating devices, such as ineffective topical prescriptions, drowsiness-inducing Rx meds, and costly and painful Botox Cosmetic injections or invasive surgery. This product contains the highest potency antiperspirant available and contains botanicals to help maximize dryness. The harmonious union of dermatologist-recommended antiperspirant therapy and innovative "needle-free" technology, replaces a perspiration-filled reality with a supremely dry state of consciousness. The individual packettes easily fit into purse or pocket for discrete use whenever needed.

What else you need to know:
Hyperhidrosis is defined as excessive sweating that occurs, despite a person being inactive. Medical hyperhidrosis affects 3% of Americans. The face, underarms, palms, soles, areas under the breasts, cleavage, and groin areas are most commonly affected. You don't have to have hyperhidrosis to need MED e TATE®: Sweaty hands due to anxiety from dates, job interviews, and the curves that life throws you are embarrassing and MED e TATE® helps prevent this. Also, it keeps makeup from melting on a hot day and prevents fashion emergencies due to wet spots under breasts, underarms, and inner thighs. It may also help temporarily improve the appearance of fine facial lines.

Suggested Usage:
-Apply to clean, dry skin.

-For external use only.
-Do not use on broken or freshly shaved skin.
-Stop use if rash or irritation occurs.
-Dermatologist tested and approved.
-Allergy Tested, Non Irritating, Non Comedogenic, Fragrance Free, Dye Free, Botulinum Toxin Free.
-No Animal Testing.

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