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Formula X
Press Pods

Item # 1592518 Size 24 x 0.03 oz
What it is:
A limited-edition, revolutionary single-use manicure pod in a dazzling set of 24 bestselling shades.

What it does:
Flaunt a vast color spectrum with these groundbreaking, travel-friendly, single-use manicure capsules. This set includes 24 polish-filled pods in a covetable collection of standout shades, including vibrant classics, elegant neutrals, and modern metallics. One capsule of polish paints all 10 nails with two generous coats of our superior lacquer. Pop, Press, and Paint for a flawless manicure on the go.

This set contains:
- 0.03 oz x 24 Single Use Manicure Pods in Flashy (bright red), Power Source (hot coral), Kelvin (hot tangerine), Invincible (warm vanilla), Unmistakable (pastel jade), Rocket Fuel (metallic graphite green), Prism (mermaid green pearl), High Frequency (bright turquoise), Continuum (sky blue), Omni (beach ball blue), Infamous (teal and purple metallic duochrome), Legend (maroon and rainbow metallic duochrome), Harmonics (deep lilac), Perfection (smoky violet), Pedal to the Metal (pearl violet), Heroic (lilac and gold metallic duochrome), Hercules (hot rose pink), Potent (carnation pink), Riotous (dark magenta), Outrageous (lavender mist), Gray Matter (charcoal gray), Extraordinary (iceberg gray), Need for Speed (metallic silver), and White Matter (opaque bright white).

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This product is a three-free formula. Press Pods are one-time-use; use immediately once opened, as lacquer will dry out.
Suggested Usage:
-Wear alone, but for optimal manicure staying power, use with the Formula X System (Cleanse, Prime, and Shine).

Pop Open:
-Twist cap to open, then roll bristles between your fingers to loosen the brush. Remember: Make sure that the bristles are fully loosened to prepare for polish application.

-Hold the pod brush-side down and press firmly until polish fills brush. Remember: X marks the spot! Press firmly on both sides of the pod, using the Formula X logo as your guide; place your finger over the X (logo) and press down firmly between two fingers.
-Press until polish fills the brush—all the way to the bottom of the brush.

-Place a dot of paint on the center of nail as your starting point. Continue to paint the rest of your nail, pressing pod as needed.
-For accelerated drying results, apply Formula X Drying Spray or Drops to prevent smudging.
-For easy removal, try Formula X Delete, Delete All or Delete To-Go.

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Formula X - Press Pods

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