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SinglePass Professional Straightening & Styling Iron

Item # 1236371
What it is:
An award-winning T3® flatiron for smoothing and shaping world-class hair.

What it does:
The digital SinglePass™ heating perfectly maintains the selected plate temperature for effortless, high-speed styling and smooth, shiny, long-lasting results. Pioneering T3® technology infuses only the highest-quality Tourmaline gemstones that emit ionic, infrared heat to seal in moisture and reduce static electricity. The result delivers frizz-free, healthy, cuticle-smoothing styling. Designed with a curved body and beveled plate edges, you're able to style flips, add body and shape, and create waves or curls.

This set contains:
- T3® SinglePass with 1" plates
- Adjustable digital SinglePass™ instant heating up to 450°F
- Precision engineered, Tourmaline infused, Ceramic plates for smooth glide
- 9-ft professional swivel cord
- Heat resistant cleaning mat
- World voltage
- Two-year warranty

Research Results:
-Four out of five people experienced faster styling times with good to excellent straightening when they used their T3® flat iron.
Suggested Usage:
-Individual results will vary. Often times, the highest temperature settings may produce the most desirable results.
-First-time users should always start at a lower heat setting. Gradually raise the temperature based on hair type and desired result.
-For better results, style hair in sections—working from the bottom to top of the head.
-After styling, comb through hair with fingers for a more natural style.
-Clean the plates by carefully wiping with the heat-resistant cleaning mat while the plates are warm and dry.
-Appropriate styling products, such as shine serums, holding sprays, or styling pomades, can be safely used in conjunction with T3 tools.

-Use a brush or comb to untangle the hair ends.
Set Dial:
-Press the Power button to turn on. Adjust temperature dial to desired level.
-When the red indicator light stops blinking, the plates have reached the temperature set and the iron is ready to use.
-Take a 1" section of hair and pull it taut.
-Clamp section close to the roots between the plates.
-Glide iron through in the direction of hair growth at a speed slower than when brushing hair.
-Repeat steps 3 & 4 until hair is fully styled.

-Do not wrap the power cord around the iron as this may damage the electrical wiring.

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