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SinglePass™ Twirl 1.25 Inch Curling Iron

Item # 1318419 Size 1.25"
What it is:
A state-of-the-art, professional curling iron used among celebrity stylists to create shiny, long-lasting curls, in minutes.

What it does:
This curling iron is engineered with T3® Tourmaline Ceramic patented technology which emits ionic energy and far infrared heat to seal in moisture and reduce frizz. The secret to getting great curls is applying an instant, optimal level of heat. Tourmaline SinglePass™ digital heating with silver-infusion power works lightning-fast to deliver and maintain the optimal temperature for creating red-carpet-ready curls that stay bouncy all day long. Designed for achieving world-class looks with ease, the T3® SinglePass™ Twirl curling iron will have you saying goodbye to lifeless, heat damaged locks and hello to fabulous hair.

What else you need to know:
T3's patented Tourmaline technology is the only technology that fully unleashes the precious gem's ionic benefits, locking in healthy moisture for exceptionally well-conditioned tresses. Commonly found in jewelry, Tourmaline is known as the "electric stone" for its ability to naturally emit ionic energy when heated or put under pressure.
Suggested Usage:
-Brush: Use a brush or comb to untangle the hair ends.
-Clamp: Take a 1" section of hair and pull it taut. Insert tip of the hair into clamp and roll upwards toward scalp.
-Roll: Make sure not to overlap hair while rolling. Ensure entire section of hair is evenly wrapped around barrel. Hold iron until heat has fully penetrated hair section, then carefully open iron and release curl. Repeat for remaining sections of hair. For a more wavy curl, tug slightly on curled section to let set and cool.

-Do not wrap the power cord around the iron as this may damage the electrical wiring.
-Consult the enclosed user guide prior to use.

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