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Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer

Item # 1447416
Color Silver
What it is:
An award-winning tweezer for achieving brow perfection.

What it does:
Expertly shape your brows with this classic, much-loved slant tweezer. The perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips grab the hair every time, and give you the brows you desire with zero fuss.
Suggested Usage:
-Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth.
-Isolate the hair you are about to tweeze, pulling one hair at a time.
-Pull gently and smoothly, but firmly. Make sure not to yank.
-To open pores, use a warm wash cloth beforehand or tweeze after showering.
-Use slant side for general tweezing.
-Flip tweezer to the high side of the slant edge for precision work.

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