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Totally Edible

Item # 1426345
3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray
This sugary gourmand scent was made for those who savor the surprise of a caramel-filled chocolate. You are spontaneous, yet sweet and sensible. You love edible-smelling scents that mix femme and sultry. Never one to get stuck on the same scent, you play up different fragrances with your good moods. You are depended on by many because of your positive outlook, empathetic ability, and willingness to always please others. A harmonious and whimsical person at heart, you move throughout life with a carefree confidence. This sweetly inspiring scent definitely fulfills your sweet tooth for life!

Sicilian Orange, Lemon Drop, Vanilla, Apple, Sugar Cane, Chocolate.
Whimsical. Edible. Enticing.

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