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Voluminous Hot Rollers 1.75 Inch

Item # 1403229 Size 2 x 1.75"
What it is:
A set of two 1.75-inch hot rollers and clips to supplement the T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set.

What it does:
Each roller contains a high-performance ceramic PTC heater (commonly used in digital flat irons) with heat-sink core that heats up in two to three minutes and maintains precise temperature control for perfect results. A high-grade aluminum core also provides superior heat retention comparable to a wax-core roller, but with quicker heat-up time. Infused with T3 Tourmaline technology, the rollers are also designed with flocking, which helps to grip hair while imparting natural shine to hair. The included spring-loaded butterfly clips are also specially designed to keep the large diameter rollers in place without leaving any creases in the hair.

This set contains:
- 2 x 1.75" Voluminous Hot Rollers
- 2 x spring-loaded butterfly clips
Rolling from ends of hair towards head (ends-to-roots technique):
-Press the On/Off switch and wait two to three minutes for the unit to heat up. The ready-to-use indicator will change color when the unit is fully heated.
-Begin at the top of the head, near the crown.
-Select a section of hair approximately 2" long and 3" wide, and place a roller behind the section* against the ends of the hair. (* Expert Tip: Use the smaller diameter roller for shorter hair lengths and the larger diameter roller for longer lengths for the best results. Wrap hair 1.5 revolutions around the roller starting from the root for a voluminous C curl. Use three revolutions around the roller for a soft S wave.)
-Wind the roller down to the head and secure with the roller clip. Repeat with the front section.
-Continue this process with one roller on either side of the head. Lift sections* at least 45° from head, place the roller under the section and wind towards the head. (* Expert Tip: Increase the elevation to 90° or 180° for even greater volume.)
-Divide the hair at the back of your head into four equal sections (upper left, upper right, bottom left, bottom right).
-Roll each section under and clip in place.
-Let rollers cool for 10 minutes before removing clips.
-By rolling from ends to roots, the finished look will have a strong curl finish at the ends.
-Unclip and style as desired.

Roots to Ends (additional styling technique):
-Place the roller at the base and roll the hair section from the root to the ends.
-Repeat this technique for the sides and back of the head.
-Allow rollers to cool before removing clips.
-By rolling from roots to ends, a more even wave pattern is created throughout the hair.

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T3 - Voluminous Hot Rollers 1.75 Inch

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