Check Out this Sephora Squad Member's Top Picks for Frizz


Damage Split ends and breakage are caused by everything from heat and chemicals to UV rays and pollution. Don’t worry, it's easy to repair your hair and protect it against heat and future damage with leave-ins and masks that nurture from root to tip.

Frizz Frizz happens when hair is thirsty for moisture. Embrace it as is, or smooth and define strands using hydrating oils, masks, leave-ins, and conditioners.

Dryness When strands are brittle, and curls, kinks, or coils don’t bounce like they used to, it means hair is craving extra moisture. Look to deep conditioners, masks, and treatments to deliver a dose of hydration.

Thinning Thinning can occur naturally with age or as a result of an outside factor, like stress or repetitive, tight hairstyling. Help to prevent and reduce the appearance of thinning with volumizing products and supplements that promote healthier hair growth longterm.

Scalp Health Get to the root of your hair woes. Banish buildup with a detox, then target concerns like dryness and itchiness with scalp treatments and supplements.