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Looking for the perfect mascara for your lashes? Sephora makes it easy to find the best mascara for finishing off an eye look or providing a foundation for your favorite falsies. Consult the guide below for the ultimate lash routine.

Complete Mascara Routine:

Step 1: Win the gold in curling. Choose the perfect lash curler for your eye shape to create or enhance the natural shape of your lashes. Avoid breakage by using a light hand when squeezing. Some artists swear by warming up their curler with a hair dryer, but be sure to avoid injuries and burns by testing the temperature before moving the curler into the eye area.

Step 2: Get ready for prime time with a priming mascara. The next step in a complete eyelash routine is to lay down a foundation so your favorite formula can do its thing. Priming mascaras can separate your natural lashes and prevent clumping so you get the perfect coat every time.

Step 3: Choose your character. Based on your lashes and lifestyle, you might be looking for a lengthening, volumizing, curling, tubing, or waterproof mascara formula. Unsure of which way to go? Sephora’s bestsellers are a great starting point for discovering your favorite formula and wand type. For sensitive eyes, we recommend a clean mascara formula.

Step 4: When it comes to glam, which lashes are best? False black eyelashes. For special occasions where you really want your eyes to pop, reach for a pair of falsies to finish off your look and use a lash fuser or curler to naturally blend them into your natural lashes. Bonus: Lash serums can help provide an extra boost when growing out your lashes. Check out some bestsellers to help elevate your lash game.