Buy Online, Pick Up Curbside

Where do I go when I arrive?

You can find the store pickup location and phone number in your “Order Ready for Pickup” email or on the Order Details page on site and in app (download the app). Call the store to let them know you’d like to pick up your order at the curbside location ahead of time so they can have the order ready for you at the curbside location when you arrive. Once parked in the store’s curbside location, use the “I’m Here for Curbside” button in your order confirmation or in the app to let the store know you have arrived, and a Beauty Advisor will bring the order out to your vehicle. The option to call will additionally be available via the “Order Ready for Pickup” email. A Beauty Advisor will bring your items to you.

Where do I pay for my order?

Payment will be collected online at checkout, prior to placing your pickup order. No payment will be collected at the store unless you choose to purchase additional items.

How long will the store hold my pickup order?

You have five full days after you place your pickup order before the items are restocked. For example, whether you order at 10am on Tuesday or 7pm on Tuesday, you’ll have until store closing on Sunday to pick up your order. Your order will be canceled and your items will be restocked at store closing time on Sunday night if you don’t pick it up; your payment will be reversed and should appear within a day, but could take one to two days depending on your bank.

Have more questions?

Visit our Customer Service Page for more information.

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