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Offering stellar scents that last for the long haul, The 7 Virtues will refresh your fragrance collection with high-quality products. From powdery florals to spicier blends, there’s a perfect match for every preference.

Does Sephora carry The 7 Virtues?

We sell many The 7 Virtues fragrances at Sephora. Find eau de parfums, travel-friendly rollerballs, memorable gift sets, and more.

These scents are designed for easy layering, simply apply one to your pulse points for best results. For an even stronger aroma, double up with The 7 Virtues’ Perfume Oil. To prevent the scent from wearing off quickly, make sure to avoid rubbing your wrists together and reapply after washing your hands.

What are The 7 Virtues' best-selling fragrances?

The Vanilla Woods Eau de Parfum is The 7 Virtues’ best-selling fragrance. Complete with pear, rose, and vanilla notes, this warm and sweet gourmand scent delivers aromatherapy benefits for some sweet stress relief. Since the formula features organic sugar cane alcohol, you can also use it as a sanitizer.

IsThe 7 Virtues clean?

The 7 Virtues is a Clean & Planet Positive brand.

Is 7 Virtues perfume vegan?

The 7 Virtues is a 100% vegan brand. This means that none of their products include any animal-derived ingredients.

Is 7 Virtues perfume cruelty free?

The 7 Virtues perfumes are cruelty-free. The brand does not test finished products or ingredients on animals or work with suppliers or third-parties that do so, either. The 7 Virtues also does not sell their products in areas that require animal testing by law.