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Capri Blue

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With so many amazing scents to choose from, you can find your new go-to fragrance with Capri Blue. Browse candles, diffusers, perfume sprays, body washes, and more.

Does Sephora carry Capri Blue?

Sephora sells a wide range of Capri Blue fragrances. Hoping to upgrade your home scent collection? Capri Blue’s candles and room sprays serve as the perfect addition to your space with their fun aromas and pretty blue packaging featuring modern and elegant appeal. Going for a low-maintenance option? Diffusers allow you to enjoy the lasting results of a candle without having to stress about the flame.

Heading out of town? Make sure to stock up on the portable candles and travel sprays. Plus, you can incorporate your new favorite scents into more of your routine with Capri Blue’s hand lotion creams, bar soaps, bath bombs, and body washes.

What are Capri Blue's best-selling products?

Offering an enchanting and extra memorable aroma, the Volcano Candle is Capri Blue’s best-selling product.

What scent is Capri Blue Volcano?

Capri Blue Volcano is a fresh and energetic scent that’s filled with tropical vibes. The formula features a mix of exotic citrus, fruity, and sugary notes that will take you on an instant trip to paradise.

How long does a Capri Blue diffuser last?

Capri Blue diffusers offer the same longevity of a candle, minus the flame.