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Christian Louboutin | Beauty Like No Other.
The Story, Her Attitude. Rouge Louboutin Lip Color. Cap of lipstick with black ribbon.

According to Christian Louboutin,after eyes, lips are the most expressive part of the face. Naïve. Intense. Sometimes dangerous. Sporting lipstick is therefore often a signature for an accomplished woman. Inspired by the attitudes thatlipstick conveys, the second chapter in Christian Louboutin’s beauty story delivers a range of lip colours in three finishes, including the brand’s signature Rouge.

Cap of lipstick, lipstick bullet, price of $90
LIP + LIPSTICK: A Rouge for Every Woman. Collage of lipstick bullets. SHOP NOW >
Closeup of Louboutin lipstick

Red lips can speak volumes. The colour that inspired Christian Louboutin’s iconic sole is now available for lips in a truly timeless shade suited to every woman’s complexion.

Rouge Louboutin Lip Color, $90. SHOP NOW >. The Colors, Brilliant and Bold. Bottom of lipstick, plus collage of lipsticks with black ribbon.

The complete lip collection boasts 38 universal shades, all named after styles found within Louboutin’s shoe and handbag collections. The iconic Rouge stands out in black, while the other shades are dressed up in gold.

Collage of gold Louboutin Lipsticks
The Necklace. Objet d'art: A jewel. Lipstick bullets over drawings.
Lipstick bullets over drawings

Lip colour is always complimented, but a tube of lipstick often goes unnoticed. Christian Louboutin transforms this forgotten object into a precious jewel designed to be visible outside the makeup bag. Taking cues from Babylonian Architecture, the solid metal body blends ornate Middle Eastern aesthetics with details of the Art Deco movement.

Loubilaque: Attention-Commanding Shine. Women's face and hand, hand holding lipstick

The most dramatic and transformative formula to date bottles the esprit of Patent Leather. Brilliant and intense, the glassy shine appears to magnify the colour on lips.

Hand holding Lipstick bullet
The Designer: Playful. Whimsical. Louboutin. Christian Louboutin dancing.
Christian Louboutin dancing

Louboutin’s unparalleled sense of theatricality and creativity was honed in Parisian cabarets and nightclubs, where the graceful femininity of the dancers inspiredhis very first shoe creations.

PHOTO CREDITS: Portrait of Christian Louboutin by David Lynch; fashion images by Mimi Ritzen Crawford