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Uncomplicate your routine with dae, an Arizona-based brand creating clean and simple haircare products. From polishing creams to breakage-banishing oils, the company offers reliable solutions for every top priority.

Does Sephora carry dae?

Yes, Dae is a Sephora-exclusive brand, and we carry many of its hair products. Searching for daily essentials? Check out dae’s shampoos and conditioners that help address dryness, frizz, damage, split ends, and everything in between.

Hoping to zero in on your problem areas or give your look a more flawless final touch? Dae also carries targeted leave-in conditioners, damage-fighting masks, deep conditioning treatments, scalp formulas, styling sprays, and so much more. Heading out of town? You can count on dae’s mini solutions to fit perfectly in your travel bag so you can stay on top of your hair regimen from anywhere.

What are dae's best-selling products?

The top-selling dae Signature Shampoo helps gently cleanse and hydrate without stripping your hair’s oils. Hibiscus flower extract works to eliminate dead skin, while false daisy extract frees your hair from pesky flakes and other sources of irritation.

For best results, pair the Signature Shampoo with dae’s popular Signature Conditioner. This formula is ideal for detangling strands and creating a softer and smoother-looking finish.

Is dae a clean brand?

Yes, dae is a Clean at Sephora brand. This means that all formulas exclude ingredients with potentially harmful effects on human health such as formaldehyde, parabens, and phthalates.

Is dae shampoo sulfate free?

Yes, the dae Signature Shampoo and Monsoon Moisture Milk Hydrating Shampoo are both free of sulfates.