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Upgrade your self-care game with Lord Jones’ collection of high-quality CBD solutions, including bath & body products, skincare, and minis.

Does Sephora carry Lord Jones?

Yes, you can find a variety of Lord Jones skincare products at Sephora. Ready to give your wellness regimen a boost? Check out Lord Jones’ lineup of CBD-infused body lotions, serums, bath salts, and body oils.

Searching for a new daily moisturizer to replace your current solution? Whether you’re aiming to repair your complexion or detoxify, you’ll find a targeted formula that’s sure to deliver.

What are Lord Jones' best-selling products?

The Royal Oil 1000mg Pure CBD Oil is a top-seller from Lord Jones, and it aims to promote next-level hydration while soothing stressed-out skin. It boasts a vegan and non-psychoactive formula, and the included grapeseed oil works to protect your complexion from free radical damage. You can choose to use this product as a facial oil or mix it into your go-to moisturizer.

Is Lord Jones clean?

Yes, Lord Jones has earned the Clean at Sephora seal. This means that the brand’s products are free of potentially harmful ingredients such as phthalates and formaldehyde.

How do you use Lord Jones Royal Oil?

Shake the Royal Oil well and then apply it gently to clean skin. To give your complexion a boost, mix the product into your face or body cream before applying. To nurture the scalp, part your hair into sections and then apply one drop to each section. Massage it in and don’t rinse the formula out. Make sure to always avoid applying the Royal Oil to broken skin.