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Mizani Conditioner

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Mizani is an award-winning brand that offers a variety of customized hair products for every texture. Browse dependable shampoos, styling solutions, treatments, minis, and so much more.

Does Sephora carry Mizani?

Sephora has many Mizani hair products to choose from. Searching for shampoo & conditioner? You’ll find clarifying picks, smoothing solutions, moisture-boosting options, dandruff-fighting formulas, and more.

Leaning toward curly hair care? Choose from Mizani’s defining creams, softening masks, elongating stylers, and frizz control serums. If your hair is in need of some damage control, check out our roundup of Mizani’s moisturizing leave-ins and nurturing oils.

What are Mizani's best-selling products?

The top-selling 25 Miracle Milk Heat Protectant Leave-In Conditioner is a cult favorite for detangling, addressing dryness, and managing frizz. Coconut oil helps improve softness and shine, while fennel seed oil boosts strength and works to protect against future breakage.

Designed to balance, refresh, and eliminate buildup from the scalp before using shampoo, Mizani’s Wonder Crown Scalp Clarifying Foaming Pre-Cleanse is another popular choice. Equipped with a direct-to-scalp applicator, this non-stripping formula also helps prepare your hair for styling.

What does Mizani Miracle Milk do?

The Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Heat Protectant Leave-In Conditioner is designed to hydrate, repair damage, control frizz, protect color, and increase shine.

Is Mizani good for curly hair?

Yes, Mizani has many products specifically formulated for curly hair. These include targeted shampoos, conditioners, masks, styling gels, and protectant sprays.