Feed Your Beauty
Moon Juice Beaiuty Dust with papaya and spoon

Beauty Dust, Amanda's AM (and sometimes PM) daily ritual, is an adaptogenic blend of super herbs that target stress to revitalize hair, skin, and nails. Add to lemon water or dust your favorite fruit!

Feed Your Brain
Model pouring coffee into a mug next to open package of Moon Juice Brain Dust

Brain Dust is a highly active nootropic with adaptogenic rhodiola, ashwaghandha, gingko, and lion's mane to sharpen clarity and focus. You can taste the potency. Intensity has its benefits!

Feed Your Sex
Fork holding bite of food covered in Moon Juice Sex Dust

An adaptogenic powerhouse, Sex Dust awakens creative energy and sparks libido with herbs like epimideum and shatavari to keep the blood pumping and juices flowing. Dust your lattes or sprinkle on your favorite dessert!

Behind the Brand

"Moon Juice was born out of my own journey. Through a clean diet, consciousness, and a daily routine of Moon Dusts, I watched my beauty, mood, and energy transform. These adaptogenic super herbs and super mushrooms help reduce the effects of stress to improve all kinds of issues: skin, mood, energy, sleep, and digestion. Start now and nourish the calm from within." – Amanda Chantal Bacon