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Are you in the mood for some pampering? Take a breather and treat yourself to Sephora Collection’s high-quality bath and body products. You’ll discover sweet-smelling bath bombs, skin-smoothing body scrubs, and so much more.

Whether you’re looking to renew stressed-out skin with a spa-like treatment or boost your bubble baths with delicious scents, Sephora Collection is brimming with budget-friendly ways to give your body the time and attention it deserves. Our affordable bath bombs and jellies are also vegan and compatible with a variety of skin types.

For dryness, dull skin, or uneven textures, we recommend browsing our body scrubs. They’re a great way to exfoliate and minimize impurities, leaving you with way-smoother and clearer skin that boasts velvety vibes. If exfoliation is your top priority, go for a brown sugar scrub. Their melting textures help efficiently soften and nurture the skin in a gentle and non-aggressive way. Plus, they rinse off easily with zero post-scrub greasiness. To achieve supreme smoothness, aim to apply your body scrub twice a week in the shower, and stick to circular movements all over the body.

Ready to achieve ultimate levels of relaxation? It’s easier than you think. Just work a bath bomb into your scrub-a-dub time. Along with adding a delicious scent to your self-care sesh, bath bombs can offer serious body-soothing and relaxing effects. Best of all, our affordable bath bombs and jellies are incredibly simple to use. Just fill your tub with water, drop in the bath bomb, and wait for it to dissolve.