Want to know our secret to youthful-looking skin? We’ll give you a hint: It starts with an “m” and ends with “oisturizer.” That’s right, moisturizer is our holy grail beauty product for revealing and maintaining soft, plump, and silky smooth skin. By trapping your natural moisture while also putting moisture back into the dermal layer, affordable body lotions and oils fill out your skin and reduce dryness.

Wrinkles affect more than just the face. Knees, elbows, and hands are all prone to wrinkles, and they can show age more rapidly than some of us may like. If you’re into anti-aging skincare, then you’ve probably heard about the importance of UV protection, but we also want to bring attention to moisturizer. Slathering on body lotions, like the All Day Body Hydrator, every day can also prevent the severity of those lines. Bonus points if you apply it post-shower.

Milk or cream? Oil or butter? No, we’re not asking how you want your coffee and toast, we’re asking which of our affordable body lotions and oils you prefer. But don’t let the different formulas confuse you. Once you know how each style works, it’s easy to choose.

Body oils, like our Multi-Purpose Oil, are thin in consistency and big on moisture. Typically made from all-natural plant essences, these oils protect, nurture, and purify your skin. Body milks are light moisturizers that typically have more oil content than lotion for intense, quick-drying moisture that lasts all day long.

Body butters are as rich and luxurious as they sound, but here’s the thing: you can get them at a super-reasonable price. Thicker than lotions, these formulas typically have some sort of natural emollient, like shea butter or coconut oil. As for body creams, they’re somewhere between the viscosity of body butter and lotion. Their slower absorption rate lets you know your moisture is being locked in all day.