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Is your body begging for some TLC? Sephora Collection has got you covered with a range of must-have moisturizers at totally doable prices. From all-day hydration to effortless radiance, these affordable body moisturizers are here to transform your routine in the very best way.

When it comes to keeping your skin looking healthy and smooth, moisturizing is a crucial piece of the puzzle. We know that sifting through endless options can get old real quick. That’s why our selection is filled with straight-to-the-point descriptions to help you discover the best balms, butters, masks, and creams that fit your body’s needs and your budget.

Treat your skin to a soothing session with our wide variety of body lotions. With targeted ingredients to tackle your top concerns, these affordable body moisturizers are made with fast-absorbing formulas that leave your skin completely grease-free. Looking to hydrate thirsty skin? Browse our body gels and hydrators. For a burst of radiance, reach for the Glow Body Cream. Moringa oil helps moisturize and illuminate the skin, while rose floral water keeps the soothing action going strong.

Taking care of your hands and feet is just as crucial as the rest of your body. But if you’ve been skipping out, there’s no need to stress. Our super-satisfying masks, balms, and scrubs will get you right back on-track. For achy or dry feet, chill out with our Foot Mask for 20 minutes. Rough hands? Fifteen minutes with our Hand Mask will handle that. Make sure to rub any excess product into your skin to get the most out of these masks.