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Germs are gross, but clean makeup brushes isn’t. Sephora Collection makes it easy to sanitize your makeup station with affordable brush cleaning tools.

Did you know that brush buildup and gunk make you more susceptible to breakouts and infections? Taking the time to thoroughly clean and sanitize your tools after every application can help you avoid blemishes that stem from the bacteria on your brushes. Cleaning your tools regularly also means your brushes will last longer and makeup will go on more evenly. There’s nothing quite like the feeling and performance of a fresh concealer brush or a light-as-air blush brush when getting dolled up.

Every makeup application should start with a clean brush. But hey, sometimes we're rushed and lacking time, which makes it harder to clean them properly. With convenient cleaning tools, like the Brush Cleaning On-The-Go, you’ll be able to wash and dash like a champ.

Wondering if you should choose a liquid or a solid brush cleaner? The affordable brush cleaning tools you pick depends on your lifestyle. Are you usually pressed for time? Do you prefer minimal steps or water-free cleaning? No matter how you answer these, we have a method for you.

With the availability of brush cleaning sticks, solids, shampoos, and sprays, like the Instant Brush Cleaner Spray, you can find the perfect way to tidy up your tools. We really like how easy it’s become to keep everything clean and sanitized without making it into a big to-do. Many of our affordable brush cleaning tools also come in travel sizes so that you can maintain your routine no matter where you are.