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Achieve ultimate control over your makeup by having the best brush sets at your fingertips. From stronger blends to quick touch-ups, Sephora Collection’s affordable eyeshadow brush sets empower you to create a wide range of desired looks with ease.

If you’re going for definition, we’ve got several double-ended brushes for that, like our Classic Double Ended brush. These beginner-friendly brushes are made with high-quality bristles to deliver an effortless blend any time of day. Create all-over color with the large shadow head, and flip to the smaller brush for contrast. Keep this beauty tool in tip-top shape by making sure to store it on its side.

Looking for super-pigmented performance? You’ll love our PRO Shadow Brush #13. This brush is perfect for putting powder and cream shadow onto your eyelid with more precision, leaving you with intensified color and less fallout. Thanks to the slightly angular shape, you’ll finally be able to tackle those tough-to-reach areas like the inner corners of your eyes. Simply load the brush with your go-to product, and shake away any excess just to be safe.

Keep your eye makeup looking sharp on the move with our Touch Up Eye Brush Set. With four mini brushes, this affordable eyeshadow brush set will help you nail quick and easy touch-ups during the day. For a blended look, apply the crease brush in a sweeping motion. Going for diffused color? Use the smudge brush on the lower lash line. Then, stick to a fluid motion for the liner brush while dragging toward the outer corner of your eye.