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Affordable Eye Cream for Dark Circles Collection

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Dealing with dark circles after one too many late nights? We get it. And that’s why Sephora Collection boasts several budget-friendly ways to soothe stressed-out skin, fight discoloration, and create a brighter-looking complexion. You may not have really woke up like this, but who needs to know that? These affordable dark circle treatments will leave you looking photo-ready all day.

These eye masks work quickly to tackle your toughest under-eye challenges, whatever they may be. If you’re battling puffiness under your eyes, we recommend the Eye Mask - Cucumber - Anti-Puffiness. This mask revitalizes and soothes your skin while minimizing puffiness to bring some brightness back to your face. The single-use format makes it easy to bring it with you anywhere, so you can customize your routine on the fly.

The eye masks in our affordable dark circle treatment collection are incredibly simple to apply as well. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and finish up the latest episode of your go-to Netflix show. Then, when you remove it, lightly massage the area to rub any extra product into your skin—no rinsing necessary!

For an eye cream that depuffs your skin and helps you ditch dryness, check out the Brightening Eye Cream. This eye cream adds hydration to your eye area, absorbing super quickly with zero greasy after-effects. In addition to boosting moisture and minimizing puffiness, this mask can help tackle dry circles too. It’s made with mudar plant bark extract, which is known to offer anti-aging effects. Plus, its ingredients are 97 percent natural AND it’s clinically proven to be a safe option for sensitive eyes.