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The right eyebrow product can truly transform your brows, and Sephora Collection has affordable eyebrow pencils that do it all. Whether you’re looking to add bold definition to your brows, accentuate their shape, or subtly fill them in, find the best brow shapers, pencils, pens, and gels at way-nice prices.

Brow pencils are a must-have when it comes to filling in thinner areas and perfecting shape. Offering a comfortable approach for eyebrow makeup newbies, hair-like strokes create a super precise and natural-looking shape that will last for the long haul. Keep your beautiful brows intact with the Retractable Brow Pencil. These affordable eyebrow pencils come with a spoolie brush that will have you blending like a pro in no time. With 10 authentic-looking colors to choose from, these long-lasting formulas stay firmly in place and are totally smudge-free.

For filling in and creating fuller yet natural-looking brows, apply small strokes that match the shape of your brow. Use the spoolie brush for blending and taming extra hairs. Looking to double-up on definition? Draw the desired shape around your brows with small strokes, and then fill in with the pencil until you see the intensity you’re craving.

Battling out-of-place hairs? Say hi to brow gel, aka your new best friend. These products also help set your eyebrow makeup, giving your brows some healthy and brushed-up final flair. The tapered brush allows for comfortable combing and hair controlling, leaving you with perfectly tamed brows that stay strong all day long. You can either use brow gel alone, or as the grand finale in your eyebrow makeup routine.