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Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes Collection

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Throw some serious shade (but in the best way possible) with our affordable eyeshadow palettes. Rich pigments, blendable formulas, and a variety of finishes will have you drooling over these quality shadows at a way-cool price. Since you can select all of the shades you need for your look from a single palette, these offer immense value and convenience.

Eyeshadow Palettes also give you the chance to get creative. Define your eyes without liner by grabbing an angled brush and using one of the darkest shades in your palette to trace your lash line. The Eye Love Eyeshadow Palette would be perf for this. To deepen the pigment, dip your brush in a bit of water before picking up the shadow.

Invest in your everyday routine by snagging a neutral palette that speaks to your sensibilities, like the Sephora PRO Warm Palette. Earthy ochres, bronzy browns, and cozy coppers complement every eye color and are versatile enough for a variety of occasions. Thanks to buildable pigments that are easy to control, you can achieve a natural, effortless aesthetic in mere minutes.

One look at our color-rich, affordable eyeshadow palettes, and you’ll fall madly in love. For a cacophony of vibrant hues that will pop your optics, swipe right on the Sephora PRO Editorial 2.0 Palette. Create endless combinations (no, seriously) with our large, color-filled palettes that contain 28+ shadows in a variety of finishes. Never settle for less than you deserve by treating yourself to a palette that makes your heart skip a beat.