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From warm colors to daring metallics, Sephora Collection’s affordable eyeshadows are super versatile with countless shades to choose from for any desired look. Discover high-performing, low-priced eye makeup for every occasion, from special events to daily wear and everything in between.

Sephora Collection is packed with multi-purpose eyeshadow palettes, such as the Colorful Eyeshadow palette. Take your pick from over 80 different eyeshadow shades, along with glitter, metallic, matte, or shimmer finishes based on your mood and makeup goals. As an added bonus, this affordable eyeshadow is also cruelty-free.

When using this palette, keep in mind that your application technique and tools make all the difference. Matte and shimmer finishes are best applied with your finger or a brush. Your finger will deliver the best results for metallic, and a brush works beautifully for glitter. Going for extra intensity? Apply directly to your eyelids with your fingers. For a softer look, use a shadow brush that’s compatible with cream shadows.

Plus, we have all the right tools to help simplify the application process and avoid any eyeshadow mishaps. Take, for example, our Reusable Shadow Guards. These super handy products stop makeup fall-out before it starts, so you can enjoy a mess-free shadow application. The shadow guards are super easy to apply and remove, as well as completely reusable and reversible. They are also self-adhering, so you can trust them to stay firmly in place. For extra convenience, the shadow guards come in a convenient case for easy drying and storage when you’re finished!