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Whether you’re looking to add a burst of radiance to sleep-deprived skin or tackle seasonal dryness with a friendly dose of hydration, get ready to find your new favorite face serum with Sephora Collection.

Are you struggling with a specific skincare challenge? Sift through our selection of lightweight Face Serums with targeted benefits. Perfect for tackling pores, dry skin, and oily skin, our affordable face serum is easy to apply and unleashes the customized benefits you’re craving from AM to PM.

You can also feel totally confident about the ingredients found in these face serums because they’re all marked with the official Clean at Sephora seal of approval. Hydrate thirsty skin with mushroom or lychee, comfort stressed-out skin with hemp, and add radiance to tired skin with grapefruit. Stick to applying serums to your face and neck when they’re clean and dry, and make sure to allow the formula to fully penetrate into your skin through some gentle massaging and patting action.

When you want a little extra glow, you’ll love the Ultra Glow Serum. Tackle dark spots with this affordable face serum and add a burst of radiance to your face while enhancing and evening out your skin tone. It’s made with natural Vitamin C and E, which can help protect your skin from environmental stressors. It also contains natural peptides from marine algae, which are known to add tightening effects to the skin. This serum is vegan and wrapped in recycled packaging as well, so you can feel even better about your purchase.