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Want to hear something gross? Even when it doesn’t look like it, your face gets covered in invisible dirt, bacteria, oils, and other icky stuff that leads to less than amazing skin. Sephora Collection’s affordable face wash and cleansing tools make it easy to wash the day off and complete your skincare routine.

If you prefer simple and effective cleansing that doesn’t involve any suds, then you’ll want to look into micellar water, like our Triple Action Cleansing Water. These gentle “cleansers” are different from what most of us are used to. Rather than create a lather, water is applied to a cotton pad and it’s used to remove makeup, grime, and oil, even around the eyes.

Micelles are swiping right on the impurities that build-up on your face. They’re able to draw them out and carry them away, so you can cleanse without drying out the skin. Because these formulas are bottled and ready to go, you can take micellar water with you to remove makeup and refresh your skin without the need for a bathroom sink.

Each of us has our own skincare preferences, right? That’s why we believe in giving you all the options. Maybe you’re searching for affordable face wash and cleansing tools that are multipurpose. If so, then look for an all-in-one product that’s ideal for people who are pressed for time, low-maintenance, or always on-the-go. Want a recommendation? From your face to your feet, the All-Over Solid Cleanser is one choice you can feel good about using.

Sephora Collection makes sure that traditional cleansers are always available when you need them. Foam and gel formulas are ideal for giving you a squeaky clean face without drying them out, especially when infused with skin-nurturing conditioners and moisturizers.