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Sometimes self-care looks like skipping a Friday night out and staying in for a face mask and chill sesh, amirite? Invite your friends over or fly solo while sampling our amazing selection of affordable face masks.

Our no-fuss masks come in sheet styles and pre-mixed formulas for simple, mess-free application. Shop based on your skin’s specific needs, like those found in our Instant Masks collection, or with a multi-purpose mud mask.

Did you know that masking your lips has a ton of benefits? These ultra-portable treatments can replenish moisture, soften your lips, and smooth the skin on and around your mouth. Like mini, lip-shaped versions of your favorite sheet masks, these are a must-have for skincare lovers. Pop some in your bag for an instantly hydrated pucker no matter where you are.

If you need to zap a zit but you’re pressed for time, you can pinpoint problem areas with Sephora Collection’s affordable face masks. Many of our clay masks can be used to spot correct acne and blemishes for a few minutes without committing to an all-over application. Just dab some on the pimple and let the mask work its magic. You can also focus on your mid-face with nose masks, like the charcoal Nose Strip, to clear out blackheads and other gunk.

Before you toss your sheet mask pouch, check the bottom for leftover serum. Scoop a little out and spread it on other parts of your body. Consider areas that you may typically neglect, like the top of your hands, neck, and décolletage, as well as other areas these masks don’t cover.