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Whether you need to dress up your eye makeup for a special event or you just want to streamline your beauty routine, Sephora Collection has affordable false eyelashes for every preference and occasion.

Easily nail your desired lash length, volume, and style with our super versatile selection of False Eyelashes. From natural-looking volume to dramatic fullness, there are so many ways to make you look really pop. These affordable false lashes are refreshingly lightweight, making the application process a breeze.

For the most eye-catching results, trim the lashes based on your eye shape and then add lash glue to the band. When it’s time to put them on, make sure to hold the lashes in place until the glue fully sets. Want to preserve your lashes’ shape after taking them off? Easy—just store them in their case for tomorrow.

False lashes should be effortless to apply, which is why our tools are designed to help you do just that. Boost your confidence and stop worrying about potential lash mishaps with our intuitive tools, like the Brush-tip Lash Adhesive. This latex-free adhesive is packed with powerful ingredients for a quicker and easier application process. The adhesive also keeps your lashes looking beautiful throughout even the busiest schedules. Best of all, the instantly recognizable tube means that you never need to stress about it getting lost in your beauty bag. For best results with this must-have product, simply apply a thin layer to the lash band and make sure that the glue gets tacky before you get started.