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Wanderlust? More like Wandermust! Or at least that’s how we feel about Sephora Collection’s affordable travel brush sets. Our assortment makes it super-easy to pack up and go anytime the mood arises. Long flights, weekends away, and epic road trips got nothing on you. That’s because you can look flawless by keeping up with your go-to makeup looks wherever you are.

If you’re into makeup brushes with cruelty-free credentials, then you’re in the right place. Synthetic brushes, like those in our Face the Day: Full Face Brush Set, are a breeze to clean. Plus, they’re actually considered more hygienic than brushes with natural bristles because these smooth, grooveless man-made fibers don’t hold on to makeup, dirt, and debris.

Your makeup application is only as good as your tools, so make sure your brushes are up to the challenge. Sephora Collection’s affordable travel brush sets offer superior quality for an equally good price. They also come with comfortable handles, durable bristles, and quality construction that stand the test of time.

Our travel-ready brush sets contain the essentials. Whether you need a wider range of brushes or just a few will determine which set is right for your makeup habits. Foundation brushes are a must for creating a flawless canvas. And if you want a matte, photo-ready finish, make sure your set includes powder brushes. If playing up your eyes is a must, pick a set with eyeshadow, smudge, and brow brushes.

Toss these in your bag and go wherever the wind takes you. It’s really that easy to bring your favorite pint-size brushes on the road.