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Freshen up your ‘do with affordable hair products for everyone. Sephora Collection offers premium styling tools as well as cleansing and maintenance products. Our assortment focuses on strengthening, moisturizing, and calming your strands for a healthy head of hair that works for your lifestyle.

You’ll also discover products that give you the kind of hair transformations we live for. If you’re feeling bold, pick up our Semi-Permanent Hair Color. This vibrant dye is available in pink, purple, and teal. Use a single color or try them all. Add a single streak or dye every strand. Whatever you decide, our temporary, non-damaging hair color puts you in the driver’s seat.

Condition while you catch some Zs with the help of our Hair Sleeping Mask. Apply the solution directly to dry hair and let your ends soak up the goodness. Cover your hair with the included cap before you drift off to dreamland. There are several targeted formulas to choose from to address your hair’s unique needs.

Take your at-home blowout to the next level with affordable hair products like our Blast: Infrared Hair Dryer. The infrared heat from this specialty tool coaxes moisture out of your hair so that it can coat the outermost layer, resulting in silkier, shinier, and healthier strands.

Pair it with one of our high-quality brushes. Choose synthetic bristles or a natural/synthetic mix that takes the hassle out of detangling hair. Frizz-reducing technology works in tandem to smooth each individual piece. Skip a few trips to the blowout bar and these tools will have already paid for themselves.