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Keep your luscious locks in top-notch shape with Sephora Collection. From boosting shine to dodging damage, there are so many ways to strengthen your hair with our affordable hair health products.

When you’re tired of lengthy blow-drying seshes, look no further than our Blast: Infrared Hair Dryer. This lightweight and quiet hair dryer shortens drying time while adding some serious shine, moisture, and smoothness to your hair. Its ionic interior fights frizz, while infrared light draws out oil and minimizes damage. The result? You’re left with hair that looks and feels stronger than ever before.

Take your hair-curling game to the next level with the Sculpt: Infrared Curling Iron. This hair styling must-have gives you gorgeous curls that stay put while boosting softness and shine. Thanks to its gentle heating action, these curlers leave your hair hydrated and humidity-resistant up until your next shampoo session. For best results with our affordable hair health products, we suggest sticking to one small section of hair at a time; one to two inches is a good rule of thumb. Also, aim to avoid overlapping your hair when turning the curler, and hold for 10 to 20 seconds.

Enjoy stronger styling action with our versatile selection of hair brushes like our BOUNCE: Round Thermal Brush. For styling and straightening your hair, this lightweight helps protect your hair from damage while styling at higher temperatures. Its bristles give you faster drying times and way less frizz to worry about, and the one-piece handle leaves you totally free of hair-snagging. Going for smoothness? Glide the brush from root to end while blow-drying. Aiming for eye-catching curls? Curl around the brush barrel from end to root. Then just blow-dry for a few seconds, unwind, and repeat.